Physical Strength vs Emotional Integrity


A woman’s heart is such a fragile thing. It’s no surprise that when a woman senses it’s a predator (a man of some sort) who may harbour the intention of using the heart as means to explore other areas of her being, she may slow the progression of the romantic venture to enable an assessment of a mans strength prior to pouring out her emotions. His emotional strength that is.

This is called a woman’s intuition. When the heart is at risk of overflowing with emotion, she will quickly assess whether the container before her can handle the overflow.

Why do women do this?

Simply because past experiences have taught them to check the glass they’re pouring their emotions into because it may contain cracks, and no one wants to waste their time pouring out their emotions if the glass cannot hold it.

There are times where you have to let your emotions take control of you, but anyone who has experienced being hurt in the past will understand that the ability to take control of one’s emotions are equally as important.

The closer a woman gets to a man, the more uncontrollable these emotions inside her get. They become unstable to the point where she just wants to LOVE him. So in terms of a strong man, women look for a man who possess more than just physical strength. They look for a man’s emotional integrity which without words can promise containment of the emotions she is about to entrust on to him.

The question women should pose to themselves is:

“Is he emotionally fit enough to handle the love I have to give”

This may help in reducing the risk of spilt emotions

Charles Rare

Do note that it is not women as individuals that are emotionally unstable, but the transference of emotions from one person to another that poses the risk of emotional instability.

22 thoughts on “Physical Strength vs Emotional Integrity”

  1. This is frighteningly accurate. get out of my brain already!
    theres a lot to be said about emotional integrity… ideal scenario is to trust someone not because they told you that you can, its that you feel you can.

    1. Emotional integrity may be the next post on this blog. A lot of women seem to want to know how to identify a man who has emotional integrity. Does it sound like something you’ll be interested in reading?

  2. It’s so amazing that you GET IT!!!
    That’s been my mistake, I always question this ability they may have to not only handle but be worthy of the love I have to give, only to end up with the same results… Looking forward to your book.

    1. I’ve used one image of a Caucasian couple for my dating post. The image as a whole works for my post. The last thing I was thinking about was the colour on the women’s skin.

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