Natural Guys With Unnatural Eyes

Cosmetic make up has been used throughout history and mainly by women. It’s roots are found so far back that it’s even mentioned in the Old Testament of the bible where Jezebel painted her eye lids (2 Kings 9:30). As mentioned in a previous article, make-up is primarily used as an enhancer of features. What some people, especially men fail to realise is that cosmetics does not just come in the form of facial make-up.

Make-up can be anything from skin treating products to bodily fragrances. Anything that can enhance bodily appearance, skin texture or odor can be regarded as cosmetics or make-up. In saying this, it’s already clear that everyone uses a form of cosmetics with the same intention and bringing about the same outcome.

First, What You Need To Understand

Clear skin is not a blessing… you just have clear skin. Not everyone has clear skin and not everyone is insusceptible to bacteria that may irritate the skin. For example, there are 5 main skin types:

  • Normal skin
  • Dry Skin
  • Oily Skin
  • Sensitive Skin
  • Combination Skin

The first thing you need to understand is that none of the skin types mentioned above are perfect. They may have differing factors but they are all susceptible to worsening, dust, bacteria etc.

The second thing you need to know is that each skin type requires maintenance whether it’s regular or not so regular.

And lastly, just like your eye colour, skin colour, hair texture and overall natural appearance, you cannot choose your skin type as it’s determined genetically.

Why Do I Need To Understand This

People readily speak of loving natural beauty. My question to those people is:

How can you appreciate natural beauty if you do not even know what natural is?

I’m from a city where beauty is no longer in the eyes of the beholder but in the hands of the media. The idea of natural beauty within the media was never natural beauty to begin with. As a previous model, I have been back stage natural beauty shoots and an array of photo shoots that have been tailored to promote natural flawless skin or a perfect bodily appearance.

What the model looks like back stage is very different from the end product. But instead of people appreciating the end product as art, it’s absorbed into the eyes of others as what is normal. It then becomes the ideal.

The most intriguing thing about the human eyes is that it’s balanced between what it sees and what it believes thus giving it a new perspective- what it understands. So what do people understand about natural beauty?

Unnatural Men

If it’s not her hair, it’s her face. If it’s not her face, it’s her skin. If it’s not her skin, it’s her height. What I’m trying to say is men are always complaining about what a woman looks like and her usage of cosmetics when they fail to see that they are doing the same thing. Allow me to place this into context. Like I mentioned above, cosmetics aren’t just limited to facial make-up but fragrances and body lotion also alter the texture (body lotion) of the skin and natural odor (fragrance) of an individual.

As previously mentioned, you cannot choose which genes you want so if you are born with genes that give you a more pungent body odor which others may find undesirable, you may choose to enhance that smell so others may find your scent more desirable. This doesn’t disregard that fact that your natural scent is perceived by others an undesirable one. There’s a growing concern in men complaining that women should wear their natural beauty instead of make-up. These men tend to label the women that wear make-up as insecure and accuse them of covering up their flaws.

Who in today’s society wears their flaws as fashion?

I earlier mentioned that there is a false beauty that has been absorbed into the eyes of many and is readily being mistaken for natural beauty. These men who state that women should live natural wouldn’t even give most women who do a second look. People live natural everyday but they are regarded to as ‘ugly’ or something similar. The truth is, it’s the men that give women insecurities about their appearance due to their expectation through tainted eyes.

So who can blame a woman for wanting to wear make-up all the time when they are surrounded by natural guys with unnatural eyes? Today, even women who have mastered the art of making make-up look so natural look down on those who are still learning the art.

To see true and natural beauty, you have to be accepting of it. To accept it, you have to understand it. I don’t want to be from a city where beauty no longer belongs to the eyes of the beholder any more. photo (8)

Make up by: Alexandra Butler
Professional Makeup Artist
(404) 220-7566 Business cell
Men will call for women to be fully natural but wouldn’t even give most of the women who do go natural a second look. Skin problems or what some people often refer to as ‘bad skin’ can be due to genetics. Oily skin for example collects more dust in the air which can carry more bacteria causing blackheads and spots. In most cases it unavoidable if the problem is genetic. She is beautiful regardless of whether she wears make-up or not.

32 thoughts on “Natural Guys With Unnatural Eyes”

  1. Thank you for this eloquent article. Everytime a man says I want a natural woman I just laugh because they’re too blinded to know what natural is period

  2. I swear u posted a pic of beautybyjj when she had no make up on and ridiculed her….. Glad ur “natural eye ” is now open!

    1. yup. this was a while back on my facebook. No one is perfect and nor do I hide the fact that my eyes didn’t yet have an understanding. But so long as you continue to learn and understand… well ultimately grow, all eyes can be opened

  3. I am the Makeup Artist who did this work, thank you so much for looking at my client with more of an understanding eye. People just don’t know what “natural beauty” is, and believe me… My client here, Beonka, she has it. 🙂

  4. This was an excellent article. Thank you for seeing her for what she is and for trying to enlighten those around you to what natural beauty really is.

  5. This is so true. So many men glorify and obsess over the images they see of women in media and entertainment. These are the same men that claim they prefer a woman not to wear makeup. You don’t actually think these women in magazines and music videos are posing for pictures in their natural state do you? It’s so hypocritical.

  6. Thank you for your words of wisdom. There is an expectation of “natural beauty” but the standards are set by those who have created an illusion of what beauty should be. The beautiful lady is a true blessing to others and Kudos to Alex, that MU technique is perfection.

  7. I am a makeup artist who personally does not wear makeup day to day besides lipgloss / lip balm. But I also have a very clear smooth complexion. I think this is a wonderful article but I would like to add that some men truly do appreciate a natural beauty. I’m never limited in men who ask me out for a date;)

  8. I agree great article! It’s not only men that do this. Women do it to each other as well. I get tired of seeing folks posting before and afters just to ridicule.

  9. I enjoyed this very much. What bothers me is how women who don’t wear makeup put down the women who do….. I just dont understand why people can’t choose to accept people for what they coose to do. And like I was taught if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it!

  10. I think this is a very well expressed article. Leopard~n~Stilettos got me here, btw! I’ve been going natural for the past couple years. Changing everything from what I eat and drink, to what I use on my hair, skin, and nails. I realized from the beginning that not everybody was going to get it, especially guys – no offense. But I did it for me. One of the main reasons was to STOP getting so much of a sexually motivated, compulsive reaction from the opposite sex. I didn’t want that type of attention anymore. So, nothing else really mattered after that. I love how this points out unnatural things like body odor as one of the things men cover up. Because though I don’t blame men completely for why some women are insecure and/or go natural but I will agree that the playing field needs to be leveled. Since I’ve gone natural I haven’t been posting pics. At first it was because I still didn’t think I looked good. Now, I don’t do it because I wanna separate myself. Thanks for sharing! ~ Raya

  11. Lydia, we need to share this article. I’m going to go on a posting strike. I’ll post this everywhere. Awesome and great article

  12. I wish we could get more men to understand this thinking. Not just about skin, but hair body type ect. My ex from for years ago told me that wearing my hair in its natural state was a fat girl style. I’ve noticed that since I’ve went natural less me try to talk to me. Which is a blessing I definitely don’t miss the attention. But it’s sad that my lack of straightened hair is the reason.

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