3 thoughts on “Time Doesn’t Heal Everything”

  1. Agreed. Time itself is not a healer but with time and the right mind frame things will heal, forever is a long time for it not to and for you to not put the effort withing that time to. But how to you apply the right mind set for it to? Take yourself out of the situation that caused the injury? Remove all things that cause you to acknowledge it? Or to surrounded yourself with it to enforce the outcome?

    1. I’ll take your earlier comment regarding logical thinking, and ask do you belief surrounding yourself with something that contradicts your desired outcome will lead to said outcome? If logical thinking leads to new paths then surrounding yourself with an old or current path remains a choice.

      1. I believe in Forward thinking, living, neither having an ignorance to the fact nor ignoring it completely just living and logically moving forward, otherwise your just standing still…. But the above comment was a question, a question for your personnel opinion.

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