Past: Present and Future


A reluctantly to move forward doesn’t necessarily mean your past is preventing you. A reluctantly to move forward may simply be due to an unawareness of a future or fear of what the future holds. Do me a favor, and attempt to recall a time when moving forward with your life resulted in regret?

Need more time? Take as much as you need, but while you’re doing that, try to understand that the past has given you lessons for the future. These are the lessons that you presently hold, and until you can apply what you have learnt from these lessons, the future will always feel like a distant horizon. 

In light of the above, I do believe that there is one instance where going back to the past is acceptable.

Allow me to elaborate.

Imagine you just left the class where you were receiving your lessons. That classes lessons are technically of the past right? What if you were to leave all your notes behind? I’m not disputing the fact that you may be a genius of some sort, but even then, going back to receive the lessons you my have accidently left behind so that you can move forward with your future is justified. And as such, a temporary visit to the past for the overall outcome of future is by all means necessary even now and then.

And for the record, if you have taken the use of the word “past” and associated it with a previous partner, then allow me to place it into context –  I wouldn’t refer to getting back with an ex as visiting the past if that an ex has done their part in progressing towards the future. So long as your growth is mutual, a decision to reconnect with an ex would be a step towards the future. However, if you have failed to grow as individuals, then reconnecting with an ex will simply be making your past your future when in fact, all you require are the lesson.

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