Taking Away More Than You Give


A small extract taken from a precious article titled: “Sex is Overrated but Only in the Wrong Context” Full article.

Some people believe that the beauty of sex lies in its spontaneity, but if the same principle was applied throughout our lives there would be no such thing as forward thinking. By eliminating your ability to think ahead, you become subject to overrated sex; and this is because although the act of sex itself is satisfying, the aftermath has so much more of an impact because it takes all the focus off “how good” the sex was and instead you’re often left thinking…

“…was it worth it?”

Why must something that is supposed to be so beautiful leave many feeling far from? The truth that people must understand is that the feeling you experience during the sex and the feeling that you experience after sex, walk hand in hand. Allow me to place this into context. Sex is an enhancer which in some way shares similar principles as makeup. Any makeup artist will tell you that cosmetic makeup is a beauty enhancer which is used to enhance the beauty that already exists. They will also explain to you that makeup can be used to create a facade; a superficial appearance or an illusion of something.

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