Potentially Perfect


Do you believe a perfectionist can be happy in an imperfect world? 

Although the above question may suggest that perfection is somewhat… unattainable, perfection is sometimes worth striving for. But there’s one thing that should be understood about perfection… 

It doesn’t come tailor made to fit. 

Perfection is often mistaken for potential, after all, something with potential can become perfect.

So the next time you meet someone that is not perfectly tailor made for you, do something about the potential… 

…and it might just become something perfect. 

3 thoughts on “Potentially Perfect”

  1. Hi Charles:
    Interesting perspective you have here. Would you say that the chase for perfection implies the ability to acclimate, adapt, adopt and be familiar of all things, thus cheating the room for growth and exploration? What are your thoughts on trying to shape someone to your liking, pleasure and needs? Does that take away from the individual?

    Thank you for sharing.

    1. You can look at that in two way. The first being to shape someone to your liking, which then implies it’s all about you as oppose to the relationship as a whole. The second way to look at it would be to understand that relationships require sacrifice. When I speak of a relationship, I speak of a merger – two people working to coexist in mind body and soul. For such a thing to happen, space within oneself needs to be made. This doesn’t necessarily mean the person loses a part of themselves or as you said, takes away from themselves. Put it this way, if we fulfil each others needs, expectations etc, we won’t be left unfulfilled. The beauty in that resides in the sacrifice of your own needs for another, while yours are taken care of by them. So to bring it back home, you won’t need to shape someone, you share yourself for them while they shape themselves for you.

      In terms of chasing perfection, if it is adding wisdom to you, then the chase is not for perfect but instead, for growth. If the chase is a repetitive one to no end, the your chase lacks understanding. No growth comes from this. It’s just like a child going to the same class with no intention to learn. I babbled on lol

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