Looking In From A Rare Perspective: Day 1


Don’t take it to heart. The only person who should have to deal with the consequences of their actions, decisions and choices is that person…and that person alone.

That person is under no obligation to take what you say, and implement it in their life. And you are under no obligation to burden yourself over the choices someone makes or does not make. The problem wasn’t yours to begin with.

When giving advice, lead with positivity, and for your sake, leave with positivity.

2 thoughts on “Looking In From A Rare Perspective: Day 1”

  1. Reblogged this on planbeepsychology and commented:
    People love asking for advice, and I think it would be safe to conclude people love giving advice even more!! But it is important we all know we do not have to take anyone’s advice. And people do not need to take ours too! Instead, let “advice” be some light to be considered with thought, and never just followed blindly. Read more about advice in this little blog I found and is some great food for thought

  2. Very original thought Charles! It is a very healthy perspective. I really try to shy away from the “advice” word. It appears (to me) to be dis-empowering to the reader or the listener. Rather than look at it as advice, I’d rather view the information I provide to be a different perspective to a situation or a problem. Since I do view it from this perspective, I do not live “expecting” those to follow or to take heed. I just hope that in what I do, it provides options, solutions and hope to those who read and listen to my voice.

    Thank you for allowing this to provide introspection for me!

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