Looking In From A Rare Perspective: Day 3


Its one thing to hear a man tell you that if a car was hurling towards you at 100mph while you crossed the road, he would jump in front of it to protect you, but…what would he really do? 

I find that the most common issue within relationships is when people find out the person they’re with isn’t who that said they are. People are often surprised at how someone reacts in a situation compared to how they believed they would act or what they were told.

Do we tend to overestimate ourselves at times? I wouldn’t say so. But I would say that most of us don’t know ourselves. The true meaning of the above picture, as much as you should observe others outside their comfort zone, is to more importantly, observe yourself.

So long as who you say you are is aligned with the person you are outside your comfort zone, you needn’t worry about people saying you’ve changed.

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