Looking In From A Rare Perspective: Day 4


Its in our nature to question things. We ask questions because we seek answers, we ask questions because we seek an understanding, and we ask questions because sometimes…we doubt our initial answer. 

When in doubt, the last thing you should do is succumb to the feeling of an inevitable conclusion, as it takes all light off the questions you’ve previously asked. We are always questioning things. Whether we do it consciously or subconsciously, doubt has the tendency to render you unconscious to it all.

Love is far from one of the easiest things to comprehend. For something that journeys as deep as the ocean and is as vast as the universe, it can be said there are some things about love that we will never understand. But what we can understand, from the questions we pose to ourselves and the love that lives within us, the answer is the closest thing we will ever take us to the truth.

And if you’re answer remains the same, then the truth is, you’re in love.

One thought on “Looking In From A Rare Perspective: Day 4”

  1. It’s a nice thought, and done objectively, I think it would be true. However, when you feel you’re in love, or you want to be, it’s far too easy to deceive yourself.
    Perhaps the truth is that you can be in love, or want to love someone, but the fact that that love is returned, or that you return it, is not the truth at all.

    That said, I had kind of a bad experience. I feel love needs some sort of open scoring system, like a football match, so it can be accurately kept track of. 😀

    Lovely post.

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