A New Love


A message to all who have loved and may be in the process of letting go. There never comes a time that a person in love is ready to let go but the same person doesn’t want to continue hurting either. Life has taught you that after pain comes strength, and with strength comes growth, and following growth you will find what was once only potential.

You were only ‘becoming’, and the sad truth is that your soul mate, lover or partner for life was only meant to help you exceed your past or current self…so that you can reacher your higher self. So dry those tears, take from the experience and begin the process of knowing thyself!

A growing heart never forgets those that it has loved. So it’s true that they will always remain a part of it but do not hold on to memories you can no longer recreate. Instead, take your experiences and learn to appreciate all that it gave you at the time it was there.

There will come a day, distant or near, when a new love will make it’s home in your heart. But until that day, use the love you have for yourself to create this home that the new love will fall for.

Become you.

For a greater perspective on getting over someone, read this: Getting Over the Feeling of Getting Over Someone

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