First Impressions


We usually speak of first impressions as being one of the important aspects of meeting someone. Personally, first impressions simply give me a chance to check for the second, the third and forth impression.

Do people put too much faith in first impressions?

Remember when you met that person who you thought was amazing and then 3 weeks down the line, they just became  another statistic in your phone book? Remember that person? We all remember that person because we’ve all treated first impressions as though dust doesn’t settle on gold.

Just to clarify, I am in no way implying that first impressions aren’t important, I am simply highlighting that first impressions aren’t everything.

So what can be done?

Time and truth walk hand in hand, and although first impressions have the potential to leave you smiling for a few weeks, the actions one exhibits thereafter is sure to leave you lasting memories. So I wouldn’t say there’s anything that can be altered physically, but mentally, you can remember that everything after the first impression is likely to carry more importance.

The interview my get you the job but your efforts on the job is what determines where you will keep the job.
– Charles Rare

As much as the above seems like a downside, it’s important to note that getting to know someone isn’t a guaranteed pathway to liking them more. It simply explores compatibility. There are instances where you may find that after getting to know someone you no longer have an interest in them as you initially had. That’s fine. It’s called getting to know someone. You may also find that after some time, you have an interest in someone that you weren’t initially interested in. This is also fine. Again, it’s called getting to know someone.

This is why there are more benefits in having little expectation nearer the start of getting to know a new person. It allows you to naturally explore your compatibility with another individual without forcing something under the umbrella of expectation.

First impressions hold a certain importance but even first impressions themselves exude an illusion that you will later realise while looking back in hindsight.

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