Sworn to Secrecy


I couldn’t tell you what goes through the mind of a man or woman who chooses to keep their relationship a secret. I can only tell you that if it was me, I don’t know how I would!

Some would argue that the world is a cruel place so why would they share their relationship in such a place. The idea of keeping it a secret gives them the sense of protection over what they have. Experience has shown me that you can’t control the actions of others in this world, but the fact of the matter is, we live in this world! If your love can’t handle the worldly pressures, then how valid is that love of yours?

The strength of your love isn’t determined by how well you keep it hidden from others, how well you avoid issues or how well you protect it but better yet, how well you overcome each challenge!

So by all means, keep your relationship hidden. But good luck to the first unavoidable issue you face when keeping it a secret is not longer an option.

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