Do Anything but Nothing


It’s a formidable catch 22. How can something be both frightening and confusing at the same time? I guess you could argue that things we don’t understand come across as confusing, and in turn, frightening. Ignorance to the truth or better yet, understanding is so scary that your consciousness defends you without even telling you! A defence mechanism – It’s a psychological response to unpleasant stimuli in your life that occurs on an unconscious level. This means you’re not aware that it is happening. Skipping past the background on Sigmund Freud’s Theory, I believe that a readily implemented defence mechanism of today is ‘do nothing’.

I know right?

But you see, that’s exactly what people are doing…doing nothing. We unconsciously defend ourselves from love’s pain by choosing to avoid having to confront an issue or make a difficult choice. The response is very similar to someone who is in debt and believes that doing nothing about it will make everything frightening, disappear.


Life is full of decisions you are not going to want to make but will have to make them anyway.

What’s at risk?

Your home, family, income or popularity status? More like your happiness.

Although the pain you experiences while making a though decision may hurt, it’s only temporary. If you believe doing nothing keeps that pain at bay, you’re just delaying and increasing the onset of pain yet to come.

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