Butterflies vs Moths


Let me make one thing clear from the beginning: acting on intuition is not the same as acting on assumption.

Allow me to place this into context.

People often mistaken acting on intuition for acting on assumption. But who could blame them? We live in a world where facts are the new truth and what you believe is truth is well, what you believe, right?
Institutions such as school require people to prove their answers with documented facts. All legal battles that are heard via a type of judiciary system require documented facts. To get a job in many part of the world, proof of experience is required in the form of documented facts! But the truth is, not all facts are truth.

One persons experience in a particular area doesn’t guarantee that they are the right person for the job, just as another person’s lack of higher education doesn’t mean that they aren’t the right person for a job. How you feel about someone on paper (facts) won’t determine how you feel about them in person (feeling). But this isn’t about how companies can remodel their screening process.
The point I am making here is that we no longer base our actions on how we feel as readily as we base them on facts.

From relationships to what we eat, facts rule our lives. Our actions are indeed dictated by what is documented in paper. Rules and regulations if you may. So doesn’t that mean we are all in some way living life religiously?

Back to the point.

I have often told people to act on their intuition only to be dealt back a “I don’t want to make assumptions” card. Fair play. My response to them is that assumptions are based on a lack of facts, while intuition is based on what the soul already knows.

The human body, mind and soul are amazing things. The body does things such as yawning without your consent, the mind triggers defence mechanisms before you realise it and the soul gives you buttflies when things are good and the feeling of moths when things are bad. I guess it’s safe to say that the body, mind and soul know what’s right for you better than you do.

I personally want people to listen to themselves more. Act not just on impulse or facts but also intuition. I can tell how a man is treating a woman based on how she feels, or whether the relationship will last based on how he feels.

Some people would argue that someone who they previously felt was the right person for them ended up being the complete opposite. I’m sure most of you would agree, right? Of course you would. But what you need to understand is that the butterflies that you once experienced for that person was simply an indication of how you felt or how they made you feel at that time. You were the one that consciously told yourself that they were the right person. If you believe that experiences are learned from and at times, prepare you for further experiences then the butterflies you once experienced were never wrong. Just your humanly expectation.

You can refer to your intuition as “butterflies” or “A gut feeling” but whatever you do, don’t for one second believe that it’s a lack of facts – assumption. Because that will be the worst assumption you’ll ever make.

One thought on “Butterflies vs Moths”

  1. This Is one of those reads that I’m sure I’ve self-debated In the past before ..& lost to confusion looool Love the butterfly vs moths concept too !!

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