Why I Love High Maintenance Women


I’ve always had a thing for high maintenance women, and if I’m honest, I believe that there should be more of them around. Contrary to popular belief, its the high maintenance type of woman that makes men work harder. Women readily complain about the lack of work in today’s modern man, and despite his efforts in obtaining a decent job and hustling day or night to sustain a decent living, they don’t seem satisfied, which in turn, leads to a natural desire for more. And as a man that loves to cater to a high maintenance woman, I support their desire for more!

Now before I continue, I want to explain my current situation. I am with a wonderful lady who was, at the earlier stage of our relationship, described by her friends as high maintenance. When those words, “high maintenance”, reached my ears, I was taken back a little bit. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’ve spoiled her with gifts, outings and all things money can buy but what I feared is that I had to do this on a regular basis. But it was only when I casually yet, intentionally brought this up in conversation that she explained to me what her friends meant. At that exact moment, my understanding of a true high maintenance woman was upgraded.

Let me break it down.

A relationship is a symbiotic mutuality between man and woman where commitment is offered in exchange for an array of benefits each individual has to offer exclusively. Maintenance is the act of maintaining something you have obtained or begun. In this instance, I am referring to a relationship.

Relationships are valued twice:
The price to obtain and the price to maintain.

Relationships require a consistent maintenance payment to be paid. Think of it as a premium. My lady requires a regular means of upkeep, support and subsistence. But my premium isn’t paid in the form of money or via other materialistic means, because things of real value don’t take money card or cheque. They simply take time. If people exchange money spent on their relationship for time spent, some may find that they have been investing too little in their relationship. So as time goes on, they find themselves falling behind their maintenance payments with the risk of losing it all together.

As above, I mentioned supply and demand. When women demand a high maintenance fee, men will be sure to supply. But the primary problem is, no single woman is responsible for the relationship market. If there was an opportunity to pay a lower maintenance fee, most men would pay it. The secondary problem is that a low maintenance fee isn’t too hard to find these days because some women have lost faith in men willing to invest correct efforts in relationships. They almost believe that this type of man no longer exist, but the saying is true that men only behave as good or poorly as the women in their lives. Why? Because we’re laid back!

So you see, I love me a high maintenance woman. In actuality, they’re not necessarily high maintenance, but when you require something that is so rare to find, such as a man who acknowledges your value and is ready to pay a premium in the form of time, as oppose to money, such a rare thing is valued highly and therefore reserved for those that deserve it. I’m not simply catering to their needs but it’s the demand for better that is, not only, but a significant factor to bettering myself.

Charles Rare
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7 thoughts on “Why I Love High Maintenance Women”

  1. It is a good thing that these women today didn’t have to work as very hard as the women of years ago did, or they would’ve been in real trouble. Especially with their false eyelashes and fingernails today.

  2. High maintenance women have to be very careful with their False Eyelashes And Fake Fingernails, and God forbid if they ever Break a nail.

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