No Notification is That Important


This relates to what I was tweeting about earlier this morning. Due of the nature of what I do, I often find myself looking at my phone but I am conscious that it’s distracting me from her. Sometimes it’s OK but more times than anything, I have remind myself that no notification is THAT important.

The belief that you are efficient at multitasking is the same excuse I use while drifting off in a meeting – I’m not sleeping, I’m multitasking. Well that is until I’m singled out and questioned on events that only those were were paying attention would know the answer to. I guess my multitasking abilities have betrayed me.

Having said that, my lady and I pay less attention to our phones when we’re in the presence of each other because we appreciate the value of placing attention on one another when we’re together. The whereabouts of our phones becomes a distant memory.

We live in an age where putting your phone away can be considered a romantic gesture. It simply means you care about the time you both spend together. So just remember that the next time you want to respond to a comment left by @MissSweetLips or @MrGoesDownSouth

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