That Smile


The other type of smile is an inviting one.

What makes this smile so significant is that the person who gave it to you needn’t be in close proximity or on your mind at the time of the smile. You smile because they have become a part of you. If a soul mate is a person who is an addition to what is already good in your life, then this smile is the stamp confirming it.

Its a residual smile.
Its the expression they left you with that hasn’t quite worn off yet. Nor will it. Its the type of smile you didn’t even realise you had on until someone decided to tell you what a beautiful smile you have, and at the exact moment you say, “thank you”, you come to the realisation that you are in fact, thanking the person who gave you that smile.

So the next time you’re struggling with what to wear for the day, just remember, that smile goes with anything.

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Charles Rare
Love Healer
Twitter: @Rare_Thoughts
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