Love Isn’t A Distraction


Its important to find yourself before you can even begin to find someone else. But that is exactly how to find someone else – by working on YOU.

Some say that love is a distraction, and they’re right because they’re dating people who are offering distractions.

Those that offer distractions are those who are in need of your time, in need of your attention and are always in need of more from you. But you’re busy using that time and attention on yourself right? So if working on yourself is going to bring the right person into your life, and Mr or Miss ‘in need of your time and attention’ is preventing you from doing that, then surely they’re a distraction…right?

But its not the same with everyone. There are people who are in support of investing time into yourself, your career and ambitions yet are mistaken for those who are a distraction.

It may not be easy to differentiate between the two but there’s one way you can separate them. If they take more than they give, then the chances are they’re a distraction. but if they give more than they take, well, you do the math.

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