We’re All Real Men & Women

I guess the closest thing to a figurative Bible would be social media sites. I mean, the truth comes in as many shapes and sizes as men and women do. But isn’t that what is so beautiful about the truth – its subjective personality?

I didn’t design men or women so I can’t tell you what a real man or woman is. This is all subject to the culture, society, or part of the world you live in. In fact, if you remove environmental influences from the equation, its also subject to your own personal perspectives, and what you expect from others and why! Do you see how fluid like the truth is?

But I was asked a question earlier last week:


“What would you consider a real man and women to be?”

I paused…and couldn’t help but response by saying,

Aren’t all people who are considered to be a man or a woman, a real man or woman?”

But below are answers to what I believe are exceptional men and women in the context of a relationship…


The truth about the existence of “real” men.
I’m sure we’re all tired of hearing “this is what makes a real man” or “a real man does this…” In the context of a relationship, they’re all real men… There are just some that care better at comforting the feelings and needs of others.


Never underestimate the power of a woman.
Her power to a man is equal to that of money.
When the typical man finds money, he loses himself.
When the exceptional man finds a woman, he finds himself.

I guess you could say that the above answers are based on my experiences, values, what I expect and also what I expect to be expected from.

I’m sure most of you would agree that we’re surrounded my real men and women. It’s the exceptional ones we should keep our eyes on.

Charles Rare
Love Healer
Twitter: @Rare_Thoughts
Instagram: @Rare_Thoughts
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ararethought
Website: http://www.rare-thoughts.com

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