Sex On The Mind


Crumpled sheets, frizzy hair and quivering lips. He was yet to lay a finger on her and still, her body behaved as though his finger was already …

Niagara Falls fell short in comparison to the rate her watery thoughts surged from her tight, dark, crevice. Her nude coloured underwear matched her mood, for she felt like a nude model while his tongue painted a thousand thoughts on her mind. His tongue was notorious for dealing a thousand strokes before they grind.

Her dam was breached. Her underwear no longer served a purpose. He could see that she was leaking thoughts and feelings in fluid form. So he revealed what she desired most – a place she could perch her appetite – and so she mounted it. She straddled his mind knowing that it would better survive the ravages of time, unlike his body. 

He leered at her from a distance and quickly understood that she was ready. She gazed back, and then fell back once she understood that he was ready…

…to breach her from the outside in.


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Charles Rare
Love Healer
Twitter: @Rare_Thoughts
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