Are We Glorifying The Wrong Thing?


Need I say much more? You’ll find secondary school extremely difficult if you didn’t attended primary school. We currently live in an era where people want solutions to secondary issues without attending to primary issues – the issues within themselves.

There was a time where people were thirsty for a change. Thirsty for knowledge. A thirst to be the best they can be. Now people are thirsty for each other and what others have. The minds of some individuals are equipped with so many defense mechanisms because they don’t want to touch on their own issues! We all have issues, and what we can do is learn from them as a people as oppose to sugar coating it with a rainbow shawl to please another person’s insecurities. I believe we’re on a mental decline. Some people are growing up in their age of existence but with a regressive mentality. “Evil flourishes because good men choose to do nothing”

To all the “good” people, it’s time to do something. Anything! Anything but nothing!

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