So You Did It All By Yourself, Did You? You’re Probably Mistaken


“I got to where I am without anyone’s help”
That’s highly inaccurate. But that’s the mentality most people have today. There is a ‘need’ to exaggerate ones accomplishments through dismissing the help of others but what is really happening is people are failing to acknowledge the people who truly contributed to their accomplishments.
Without listing the many ‘helpers’ you encounter, think about the supporting words you received when your mind was on a negative path. Think about the time someone took to listen to your ideas, problems and complaints. Think about the bus driver that got you to your destination on time. Think about the person that provided you with the idea or chance in the first place. The list can go on. But don’t you ever think for one second that you did it all alone. We live in a symbiotic world… Or so we should do. Without the above, maybe you wouldn’t have gotten to where you are.

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