Why So Many People Fail To See The Beauty Within Themselves


When was the last time you told yourself that you were beautiful? In fact, can you remember a time you simply thought that you were beautiful? And by that, I’m not advising you to refer to a time when you were clothed in your favourite garments or cosmetics, and definitely not a time when your notion of beauty was attached to society and social networking site’s #NaturalButFiltered concepts of the word. Is it at all possible to acknowledge what we essentially are when we’re living in an environment where the acknowledgement of another person’s beauty harbours the underlying desire for what they have – an indirect acknowledgement of what we don’t?
You see, although beauty is believe to be lost, no one said it can’t be found.


It may be difficult for some to grasp the concept of beauty in its purest form. No one can go from hating certain aspects of their being to loving them with little difficulty. But when they do, they’ll experience a new method of acknowledging their own beauty. This method involves acknowledging the beauty within another.

Now before you take haste on what I just said, yes, many of you do acknowledge the beauty around you and within others, but many of you are recalling times you’ve caught someone at there best as opposed to what is perceived as their worst. If you strip a person down to their bare minimum, you’ll reveal the essence of who they are. So what people perceive as their worst is probably they’re best! But unfortunately we’ve been raised to believe that your ‘best’ isn’t socially acceptable nor self acceptable amongst those around you. Can you see why it may be hard for others to acknowledge your beauty?

The beauty you see outside of you mirrors the beauty that you are. It’s part of a irreducible state of duality. The ability to see the connection rather than view it in segregation is what validates the acknowledgement of your beauty.

There tends to be a physical attachment to the use of the word beauty. Even I admit to previously using the word in this way. I grew to understand that beauty was a force, an energy if you may. In our currently state of conscious awakening, we still heavily rely on our basic 5 senses. So to put this in a tangible form, beauty isn’t merely how the physical is presented but rather how one’s energy manifest in physical form.
Still confused?
Remember when your teachers taught you about the wrinkles on your face? They said that when you are old, your face will be able to indicate whether you smiled more than you frowned or frowned more than you smiled through your life. That’s energy manifestation #101 right there!


We are often ridiculed for claiming that we are beautiful. People are quick to label us as vain or self obsessive. But to be fair, the correlation between such labels and thousands of specifically angled ‘selfies’ is noticeable. My point here is that the acknowledgement of your beauty is for no one but you. The moment you give your beauty the chance to be measured by another, you’ll veer further and further from what it truly means to be beautiful. So it’s no surprise that the beauty in this day and age is lost.

And that’s okay.

My question from today onwards is, are you prepared to find it?

Now close your eyes and relay that question  to your inner self.

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