A Depreciating Love


We’re so quick to say we love money, cars, clothes and food but hesitation finds our tongue when it comes to saying we love another person. We’re more likely to say we love a picture of someone but loving that SOMEONE doesn’t seem to be within our capability.

Have we fallen so far down that we are only capable of loving momentarily? With that being said, is it a surprise that we place our love in all things temporary in nature?

Loving someone is easy when you’ve learned to love who you are without all you have. Because to practice a self-love without conditions bound to materialism allows you to view others in the same light you view yourself in.

Love increases in value over time, not loses it. So if your love is depreciating, then the question remains, “what are you loving?”

Charles Rare

4 thoughts on “A Depreciating Love”

  1. Dear Charles,

    I hope all is well with you?

    I’m contacting you from Cactus TV, an award winning TV production company based in London. We are in the process of producing a new series of programmes for a new UK Satellite channel.

    In essence, the films will be a trio of landmark documentaries, which have been conceived by the journalist and author, Grace Dent, who regularly writes for the Independent newspaper among other publications.

    All the programmes are exploring the impact that modern technology and the rise of social media have had on modern life. We’ll be looking at ‘Friendship’, ‘Fame’, and ‘Romance’. Grace herself is presenting the programme looking at romance, and it’s with this programme in mind that I am writing to you now.

    Grace will be exploring the relative pros and cons of how social media, the internet and dating websites have changed the way relationships begin and unfold. She’s keen to get to the heart of what ‘romance’ means in the modern age. As such she is keen to speak to people whose own stories and experiences can shed light on her exploration of the subject.

    One of the areas we are going to be looking into is the world of apps like tinder, happn, ok cupid, Bumble and such like. Essentially, Grace is going to have a ‘focus group’ discussion with people who use twitter, tinder and other technology for dating. She wants to get a sense of what dating and romance is like, and so it would be great to have thoughts, stories and experiences from people who have used all of these things to help inform her and the audience. It would be great if you could potentially be a part of that discussion, if that would be something that you would be interested in? I have read your blog and you obviously have a wealth of knowledge and great tales to tell, and I think you would be a great addition to the dating scene.

    We would be filming the sequence on Tuesday evening at 7pm in East London and it should take a couple of hours. It would be great to have a chat at some point today if this is something that you would be interested in? I look forward to hearing from you.

    Thanks so much,



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