Mac Cosmetics Fans: A Face of Racism Beneath The Makeup


Above is a photo of Kylie Jenner following her “temporary” lip filler/injection procedure.
This and many more of her pictures that exhibit her ‘fuller’ lips were at the center of praise, inspiration and envy among her fans.


This is what appears to be a model wearing Mac makeup backstage a New York Fashion week show. The photo was uploaded to @maccosmetics’s instagram page, but unlike Kylie’s lips, this photo brought to the surface a racial onslaught against the image.

Racism has many faces but they all share the same heart. I have noticed that a lot of black women I know or have met through different walks of life have something in common; they constantly have to affirm that their beauty and features are acceptable. Why? Because they live and have been raised in a society that doesn’t accept them. As a man that favors the melanin beauty as a reflection of his own, my soul is grieved with each new story of a black woman’s beauty that has been buried under the universal aesthetic of beauty in western society.

You would think that the death of a race’s beauty would be enough, but western culture has a reputation for taking everything you own and claiming it as its own.

While it might be common knowledge that descendants of African culture tend to have larger lips, hips or overall features in general, a large consensus seem to be more comfortable in validating such features when associated with non-colored individuals as demonstrated in the above pictures. Is beauty’s preference in today’s culture as artificial as the makeup people wear?

You’ve probably not noticed that I’ve made a conscious effort to refer to racism as a cultural responsibility rather than name shaming the individuals that speak such hateful words. This is because racism is a form of cultural conditioning that subconsciously governs the behaviors and thoughts of the masses raised in a particular environment. It’s normal to picture our environment as our immediate surroundings but to truly understand your environment, you must think about everything your mind has been exposed to from the moment you were able to learn. This would include the books you read when you were a toddler, the media and advertisements that depict what’s in trend, what is beautiful and through lack of exposure, what isn’t.

As humans we identify with what we are familiar with. That to which we aren’t makes us uncomfortable. This is why a baby will often cry when it is picked up by someone else other than the people it sees everyday – it views you as unfamiliar therefore it is uncomfortable. So if the media and advertisement campaigns have for many decades associated beauty with Caucasian/lighter skinned individuals, perhaps we can begin to see this face of racism as a reaction of the misinformed.


I am tired of observing misinformed people destroying themselves for what they’re not born with, and then attempting to destroy others for what they are born with.

Beauty is where one of the many faces of racism resides. There is a need for more diversity in beauty, encouragement to accept our natural beauty, and less dependency on the media and advertisements to depict what it means to be beautiful.

This is a video that has touched that hearts of many, with an aim of reconnecting you with your natural beauty once again:

Charles Rare (Rare Thoughts)
Instagram: @Rare_Thoughts

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