Wounds Present Opportunity

Wounds present opportunity. But we more than often look upon them as an incurable disease. I am (like all of us) a perpetrator of hurt and a victim of hurt. There are areas of my divine being that still hurt today, and my being human predisposes me to being hurt tomorrow. All because wounds present opportunity.

If you take credit for your growth then you must also assume accountability for your weakening. A life lived in absence of pain is a life absent of the need to become stronger.
Contrary to common belief, you are in fact your wounds. Your wounds indicate who is safe enough to be close to you, and the people you should cut loose. Everything from your behaviour with others to how you treat yourself can be drawn from your experience with pain.
Although everyone will experience pain, the real sadness is that not everyone will initiate healing. We readily attribute our healing to ‘time spent not hurting’ – like wrapping a bandaid over a bullet wound in the chest in hope that it’s enough. While the bleeding may cease with time, the bullet remains inside, assuming a position of pain unbeknownst us. It only takes an innocent touch in the wrong place to reopen an old wound. But the worst part of it is when we mistaken an old would for a new one.
I know it seems unfair. A perfect world would suggest that the one who wounded you should remove the metaphorical bullet. But they can only take accountability for the pain they caused. Only we are accountable for how we recover from the pain. It is important for us to discern between the two as it’s the difference between growth and weakening.

Wounds present opportunity. The question is whether you’ll transform them into a blessing or a curse.

old wounds

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