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Help Me Find My Tears Before They Find Me

We’re surrounded by the mirrors of our past.

A few months ago I gazed diligently at the mirror that resembled a time before (hyper) masculinity. As I reluctantly brought my car to a stop allowing an illuminated train of school children to cross, I replaced my feeling of frustration with a mindful gaze. Within seconds I noticed 2 young boys holding hands, engrossed in conversation as they crossed. My brain twitched. It was as if a lost memory had returned to me, and in that precise moment I thought to myself, Continue reading Help Me Find My Tears Before They Find Me

Happiness Makes Time For Those Who Make Time For Themselves.

What we see on the outside often mirrors what we believe is dwelling inside. We understand a smile represents a happy person but seldom do we consider that the reserve might be true. An outward expression can also communicate what is missing within.
The soul cries out for attention while the ego fears vulnerability will be treated with further alienation. But at what cost is it worth appearing alive on the outside, albeit dying within? Continue reading Happiness Makes Time For Those Who Make Time For Themselves.

Post Industrial Economy: Reclaiming your creative mind

“Creativity is the birthright of every human being” – Chairmain Kato

The industrial economy for most is very much the only reality that exists. These people perceive their working life as intended by those that shaped the educational institutions they were reformed from. The industrial economy refers to a historic method of working whereby companies created machines that required people to operate them. At the time, people were considered invaluable cogs to the results of ideas that ameliorated the state of the economy. Fast forward to today, the consumer is being familiarised with a robotic era in which you’re greeted by an automated entity in customer services, self-service checkouts and delivery drones. People in the workplace are becoming obsolete. But I can no longer see this as a bad thing. In fact, it is necessary. Continue reading Post Industrial Economy: Reclaiming your creative mind

Filtering The Natural Back Into Beauty

“Filtering The Natural Back Into Beauty” is a project that aims to speaks substance to every man and woman that has been conditioned to believe beauty only exists through the use of makeup.
The project aims to inspire all hidden beauty to surface from the shadows of makeup.
Makeup has its purpose as an enhancer of natural beauty, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but the first step to destroying beauty is by hiding it.

A Message To Myself

The message in this video was for me. I’m sharing it because I know others may benefit from the message too. I’ve always said that someone’s level of positivity isn’t determined by the number of times they smile or their consistent high spirits. It’s measured more accurately by how many times and how quickly they recover from the negative. I needed my own words. Share this with someone you know that might need it too.

Charles Rare 
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Trust Issues & Insecurities (video)

This is a new segment on my YouTube channel where I will be getting up close and personal with you. I will be answering questions from my followers so that others my benefit from the perspective I provide.

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She’s Not Your Type (video)

I don’t believe anyone deserves to be labelled as ugly, and as much as women tend to be against each other these days, I don’t agree with men referring to them as ugly. A simple, “She’s not my type” allows men to retain a degree of respect for women as oppose to devaluing them due to rejection or otherwise.

Here is my latest YouTube video:

I hope you enjoy 🙂

Ugly – She’s Not Your Type.


How many of you have either heard of or experienced a man turning sour after rejection? 

Sometimes the male ego can be so conceited that it irrationally identifies rejection as a fault within itself that it fails to agree with. As the psychological defence mechanisms kick in, what was once a friendly approach is now a mission to conjure up as many faults within the female so that his hole of insecurity doesn’t feel so big. 

Words for a troubled ego:
Not everyone will be you’re type and you will not be the type for every female that exists.

Now choose your words carefully, as they can bear as much power as your actions. 

Potentially Perfect


Do you believe a perfectionist can be happy in an imperfect world? 

Although the above question may suggest that perfection is somewhat… unattainable, perfection is sometimes worth striving for. But there’s one thing that should be understood about perfection… 

It doesn’t come tailor made to fit. 

Perfection is often mistaken for potential, after all, something with potential can become perfect.

So the next time you meet someone that is not perfectly tailor made for you, do something about the potential… 

…and it might just become something perfect.