Honesty Can Save Relationships

Most people believe that it’s important to be honest in a relationship and they’re not wrong for thinking so. But some people forget to be honest even when they’re not yet in a relationship. We live in a world where your past will strike you down when all is good and well but what effect does your past have when you have already disclosed it all with a loved one.

My message here is rather than conceal your past, trust your partner enough to accept your past from your mouth

…or have them reject it from someone else’s mouth


Natural Guys With Unnatural Eyes

Cosmetic make up has been used throughout history and mainly by women. It’s roots are found so far back that it’s even mentioned in the Old Testament of the bible where Jezebel painted her eye lids (2 Kings 9:30). As mentioned in a previous article, make-up is primarily used as an enhancer of features. What some people, especially men fail to realise is that cosmetics does not just come in the form of facial make-up.

Make-up can be anything from skin treating products to bodily fragrances. Anything that can enhance bodily appearance, skin texture or odor can be regarded as cosmetics or make-up. In saying this, it’s already clear that everyone uses a form of cosmetics with the same intention and bringing about the same outcome. Continue reading Natural Guys With Unnatural Eyes

A Perspective For Monday


You can be given EVERYTHING, but that still doesn’t guarantee your success. What you possess right now is enough to take you to where you want to be in life. Success is not just a point in life, it’s a staircase where each and every step counts regardless of whether its near the bottom or the top. It’s not mine or anyone else’s fault if you can’t see what’s around you and how to use it to your advantage. If what you have in front of you is enough to take you one step closer to where you want to be…

…was it not useful?

Sex Is Overrated… But Only In The Wrong Context

What’s the use in protecting or reserving something that no longer holds value? Sex is at the forefront of our world in a variety of forms, and with each form being readily accessible to many, it’s no surprise the value of sex has dropped… tremendously. Let’s begin with getting the good side to sex out of our systems. Continue reading Sex Is Overrated… But Only In The Wrong Context

Cheating Is A Journey, Not A Destination

First we must understand the relationship shared between a journey and a destination, and then make sense of their differences if we’re to recognise why cheating is a journey and not a destination. One important thing to know about cheating is that most people believe it’s a decision made by someone but what they fail to realise is that cheating can also decide to embrace an individual. Continue reading Cheating Is A Journey, Not A Destination

Physical Strength vs Emotional Integrity


A woman’s heart is such a fragile thing. It’s no surprise that when a woman senses it’s a predator (a man of some sort) who may harbour the intention of using the heart as means to explore other areas of her being, she may slow the progression of the romantic venture to enable an assessment of a mans strength prior to pouring out her emotions. His emotional strength that is. Continue reading Physical Strength vs Emotional Integrity

Rare Thoughts