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Her Beauty Not Her Looks

From the transitory stages of physical appearance to abstract modern art, beauty has become one of the most versatile nouns bestowed upon the human tongue. All become acquiescent in it’s presence, and that in itself is why the word takes precedence over all the dictionary has to offer.

It’s as though beauty exists an entity that illuminates the life force that resides in all things. But what happens when the beauty that exist within does not appear on the surface? Continue reading Her Beauty Not Her Looks

Why So Many People Fail To See The Beauty Within Themselves


When was the last time you told yourself that you were beautiful? In fact, can you remember a time you simply thought that you were beautiful? And by that, I’m not advising you to refer to a time when you were clothed in your favourite garments or cosmetics, and definitely not a time when your notion of beauty was attached to society and social networking site’s #NaturalButFiltered concepts of the word. Is it at all possible to acknowledge what we essentially are when we’re living in an environment where the acknowledgement of another person’s beauty harbours the underlying desire for what they have – an indirect acknowledgement of what we don’t?
You see, although beauty is believe to be lost, no one said it can’t be found.

Continue reading Why So Many People Fail To See The Beauty Within Themselves