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Do You Keep Falling For Their Potential?

The problem isn’t that we’ve all been there. The problem is that some of us are still there and have no idea how to break the cycle.

Is there more to falling for someone’s potential?
Is there a way to identify the type of potential that meets us halfway?
How do we measure true potential?
When do I call it quits?
Well I hope I answer these questions and more in the video above.

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Butterflies vs Moths


Let me make one thing clear from the beginning: acting on intuition is not the same as acting on assumption.

Allow me to place this into context.

People often mistaken acting on intuition for acting on assumption. But who could blame them? We live in a world where facts are the new truth and what you believe is truth is well, what you believe, right?
Institutions such as school require people to prove their answers with documented facts. All legal battles that are heard via a type of judiciary system require documented facts. To get a job in many part of the world, proof of experience is required in the form of documented facts! But the truth is, not all facts are truth. Continue reading Butterflies vs Moths

A Little Bit About Me For You


There’s a question I often receive from people when they read my work. They range from…

“how do you know all of this?” to “have ever been or are you in love?”

There’s never a single answer to any of these questions but I find saying less, has more of an impact.

In my world, there are 3 stages we go through in life: Continue reading A Little Bit About Me For You