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Help Me Find My Tears Before They Find Me

We’re surrounded by the mirrors of our past.

A few months ago I gazed diligently at the mirror that resembled a time before (hyper) masculinity. As I reluctantly brought my car to a stop allowing an illuminated train of school children to cross, I replaced my feeling of frustration with a mindful gaze. Within seconds I noticed 2 young boys holding hands, engrossed in conversation as they crossed. My brain twitched. It was as if a lost memory had returned to me, and in that precise moment I thought to myself, Continue reading Help Me Find My Tears Before They Find Me

The Vows You Made Before You Were Born

Photo Credit: http://www.shamaneyes.net

“Till death do us part” – a quote taken from the common book of prayers and readily remembered as part of the vows two people make during a wedding ceremony. It’s meaning? It signifies the spiritual union of two souls up until one of spouses ceases to live on this earth. I guess it makes perfect sense. During the time of your life here on earth, your soul is bound to the living world but when you pass, your soul transcends to the next stage of life. In line with ones wedding ceremony, the promise was kept. This is undoubtedly subject to what you believe, but what do you believe?

Continue reading The Vows You Made Before You Were Born

Do Anything but Nothing


It’s a formidable catch 22. How can something be both frightening and confusing at the same time? I guess you could argue that things we don’t understand come across as confusing, and in turn, frightening. Ignorance to the truth or better yet, understanding is so scary that your consciousness defends you without even telling you! Continue reading Do Anything but Nothing