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The Identity of an Insecure Man (Part 1)


You know him well, don’t you?
To say only a handful of women have met him would underestimate an insecure man’s ability to infect his host.
Playing host to his desires is a modern day synonym for catering to his insecurities.
You fell for his potential while he observed your potential as a new home where his insecurities could run wild, like how a young teenager treats responsibility; he’s been running from himself for far too long.

When one becomes familiar with their flaws, change can feel uncomfortable.
So as he observes how you’re blinded by a NEED to be with someone, because your loneliness is a world you no longer want to live in, the human tendency to succumb to lust paints a perfect path.

His insecurities breech your unguarded wits, the backdoor to your soul can be felt through your hips.
You were left wide open.
In hindsight, one should have known better but since that moment felt like the limelight, nothing feels better.
Is it rhetorical to ask whether you deserved better than having your flame blown out so that his diminishing flicker can appear bright?
The truth is your confidence is the foundation of your beauty.
If you allow someone to take it from you then you’ll forever be looking for who you are in someone else.

Charles Rare
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Trust Issues & Insecurities (video)

This is a new segment on my YouTube channel where I will be getting up close and personal with you. I will be answering questions from my followers so that others my benefit from the perspective I provide.

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Beyond the Surface of a Soul


For beauty is tortured in the shadows of insecurities. His presence alone instills fear in the shadows themselves, and the light that shines through blinds even her own eyes…

…she’s been in the dark far too long.

The world is not for nor against the fusion between these twin souls. So in light of her light, he lives to free her soul as he did her heart and mind.

He lives to free her soul…as he did her heart and mind.