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Equality vs Compatibility


I have two puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly. When you take them apart, you’ll realise that they aren’t equally the same. In fact, they are so different that they almost look like they wouldn’t fit the way they do. But they do. It’s because of the differences in shape and size that allow for a perfect fit – they are compatible. If one of the pieces changed to be equal to the other piece, they would clash at every corner.

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The Imperfection In Your Eyes


Your eyes can be tainted by both the past that no longer exists and the future that does not yet exist. Some would say that past experiences help better ones judgement but ask a person who clothed what was new with what was old, and they’ll tell you that past experiences can also cloud ones judgment.

Take someone for who they are, and from that point, learn what you can about them. You might look at it as giving them a chance, but in reality, you’re actually giving yourself the chance you deserve. 

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We’re All Real Men & Women

I guess the closest thing to a figurative Bible would be social media sites. I mean, the truth comes in as many shapes and sizes as men and women do. But isn’t that what is so beautiful about the truth – its subjective personality?

I didn’t design men or women so I can’t tell you what a real man or woman is. This is all subject to the culture, society, or part of the world you live in. In fact, if you remove environmental influences from the equation, its also subject to your own personal perspectives, and what you expect from others and why! Do you see how fluid like the truth is?

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That Smile


The other type of smile is an inviting one.

What makes this smile so significant is that the person who gave it to you needn’t be in close proximity or on your mind at the time of the smile. You smile because they have become a part of you. If a soul mate is a person who is an addition to what is already good in your life, then this smile is the stamp confirming it. Continue reading That Smile

Getting Over That Someone

Image source: http://saxogirl.blogspot.co.uk/2009_05_01_archive.html
Image source: http://saxogirl.blogspot.co.uk/2009_05_01_archive.html

If you have never found it difficult to let go of someone, then you have never loved someone.

If we run down the list of most painful experiences in life, you are sure to find toothaches and by popular female demand, child birth. There will be one experience that is likely to go unnoticed and to some people it might be debatable but those who have loved or have come even remotely close to loving another person will agree that getting over someone isn’t just one of the most painful experiences in life, but is also in the top tier for one of the most difficult experiences in life.
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Clarity With Compliments

If we view the journey of relationships and friendships as progressive pathways, then we probably already acknowledge that most things tend to always start small. If something so simple leads to something significant then in hindsight, it’s the simple things that are important when applying them to a progressive pathway or journey.

I like to place importance on the simple things in life. I find that people often overlook the small things in relationships from the stage where you may have just met someone to a full blown commitment. We are always urged to read the small print, but ask yourself how many times have taken the time to read your terms & conditions? Continue reading Clarity With Compliments

She’s Not Your Type (video)

I don’t believe anyone deserves to be labelled as ugly, and as much as women tend to be against each other these days, I don’t agree with men referring to them as ugly. A simple, “She’s not my type” allows men to retain a degree of respect for women as oppose to devaluing them due to rejection or otherwise.

Here is my latest YouTube video:

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Why I Love High Maintenance Women


I’ve always had a thing for high maintenance women, and if I’m honest, I believe that there should be more of them around. Contrary to popular belief, its the high maintenance type of woman that makes men work harder. Women readily complain about the lack of work in today’s modern man, and despite his efforts in obtaining a decent job and hustling day or night to sustain a decent living, they don’t seem satisfied, which in turn, leads to a natural desire for more. And as a man that loves to cater to a high maintenance woman, I support their desire for more! Continue reading Why I Love High Maintenance Women