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Defining Love


When the state of love changes, it’s because the state of your mind changed.

“we don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are” – unknown

People generally speak of love changing as time goes on, and readily associate it with negative outcomes. People are hasty to take responsibility for what they gain but ignorant to take responsibility for what they lose.  Continue reading Defining Love

Past: Present and Future


A reluctantly to move forward doesn’t necessarily mean your past is preventing you. A reluctantly to move forward may simply be due to an unawareness of a future or fear of what the future holds. Do me a favor, and attempt to recall a time when moving forward with your life resulted in regret?

Need more time? Take as much as you need, but while you’re doing that, try to understand that the past has given you lessons for the future. These are the lessons that you presently hold, and until you can apply what you have learnt from these lessons, the future will always feel like a distant horizon.  Continue reading Past: Present and Future

Expectations Mirrored

It’s to my understanding that we currently live in a world where so long as you have no expectations, you have mentally signed a contract that protects you against disappointments. So in light of this, expectations are lowered, and in turn, or shall I say theoretically, we are less likely to be disappointed. The mistake men and women make during this process is that instead of lowering their expectations, they have high expectations for the opposite sex to disappoint. In contrast to common belief, most people that tend not to have expectations are those that cannot handle the pressures of being expected from. Continue reading Expectations Mirrored

The Levels of Dating

Dating is not a word that people are unfamiliar with. Although, it is a word that people are careful with when associating themselves with it. This tends to be because of the many definitions that surround dating. When it comes to dating in cities where the culture, social groups, values and race are extremely diverse, it should be no surprise that dating harbours just as many definitions as an uncertain man has reasons to avoid commitment. Continue reading The Levels of Dating

Sex Is Overrated… But Only In The Wrong Context

What’s the use in protecting or reserving something that no longer holds value? Sex is at the forefront of our world in a variety of forms, and with each form being readily accessible to many, it’s no surprise the value of sex has dropped… tremendously. Let’s begin with getting the good side to sex out of our systems. Continue reading Sex Is Overrated… But Only In The Wrong Context

Cheating Is A Journey, Not A Destination

First we must understand the relationship shared between a journey and a destination, and then make sense of their differences if we’re to recognise why cheating is a journey and not a destination. One important thing to know about cheating is that most people believe it’s a decision made by someone but what they fail to realise is that cheating can also decide to embrace an individual. Continue reading Cheating Is A Journey, Not A Destination

Physical Strength vs Emotional Integrity


A woman’s heart is such a fragile thing. It’s no surprise that when a woman senses it’s a predator (a man of some sort) who may harbour the intention of using the heart as means to explore other areas of her being, she may slow the progression of the romantic venture to enable an assessment of a mans strength prior to pouring out her emotions. His emotional strength that is. Continue reading Physical Strength vs Emotional Integrity