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What’s Missing Is You

Journey down the stairwell of your past, take a left at ‘My Ideal Partner’ and then keep to the right until you reach the crossroads between your values and insecurities. If you make a daunting right and head straight on ‘Things I Refuse To Deal With Lane’, you’ll eventually arrive at your most visited destination, Egoville. If you can muster enough resolved to venture beyond that, then you’ll rediscover the forgotten but indispensable manuscript titled ‘My Ideal Self’. Continue reading What’s Missing Is You

Getting Over That Someone

Image source: http://saxogirl.blogspot.co.uk/2009_05_01_archive.html
Image source: http://saxogirl.blogspot.co.uk/2009_05_01_archive.html

If you have never found it difficult to let go of someone, then you have never loved someone.

If we run down the list of most painful experiences in life, you are sure to find toothaches and by popular female demand, child birth. There will be one experience that is likely to go unnoticed and to some people it might be debatable but those who have loved or have come even remotely close to loving another person will agree that getting over someone isn’t just one of the most painful experiences in life, but is also in the top tier for one of the most difficult experiences in life.
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What The Relationship Needs


Who is someone else to tell you what you should believe, what you should say or not to mention, how you should act. We live in a city where people  place more emphasis on the lives of others than their own. We are all individuals with individual lives, individual ambitions and individual paths in life.

People needn’t concern themselves about our actions. Well, that is of course, until you have made a commitment of the heart – a relationship. Continue reading What The Relationship Needs

Looking In From A Rare Perspective: Day 5 (last day)


Think about an argument. There is usually a root cause to an argument, but how many of you have witnessed an argument grow branches? What happens next is that every branch is addressed, and slowly but surely, the focus is taken away from the initial problem – the root cause.  Continue reading Looking In From A Rare Perspective: Day 5 (last day)

Looking In From A Rare Perspective: Day 2


Be careful not to assuming the presence of someone in your life is based on the grounds of attraction.

The world is vast.

Crossing paths with those who are perceived to be of no benefit is bound to happen. But even this momentary crossing of paths can have significant effects on your journey in life.  Continue reading Looking In From A Rare Perspective: Day 2

Expectations Mirrored

It’s to my understanding that we currently live in a world where so long as you have no expectations, you have mentally signed a contract that protects you against disappointments. So in light of this, expectations are lowered, and in turn, or shall I say theoretically, we are less likely to be disappointed. The mistake men and women make during this process is that instead of lowering their expectations, they have high expectations for the opposite sex to disappoint. In contrast to common belief, most people that tend not to have expectations are those that cannot handle the pressures of being expected from. Continue reading Expectations Mirrored

Sex Is Overrated… But Only In The Wrong Context

What’s the use in protecting or reserving something that no longer holds value? Sex is at the forefront of our world in a variety of forms, and with each form being readily accessible to many, it’s no surprise the value of sex has dropped… tremendously. Let’s begin with getting the good side to sex out of our systems. Continue reading Sex Is Overrated… But Only In The Wrong Context