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Whisper Love Away


First we’ll become friends. I’ll end up caring for you first because your past has misled you into loving with your mind and not your heart. In light of this, you’ll hide behind tall walls built to protect what remains of a fragile love, but your heart will become curious and ask your mind why it feels so at ease around me.

Your mind is led by logic, so it will give the heart a logical answer. It’ll separate what the heart feels from what it thinks, and side the team that loves with its eyes wide open. It’ll sacrifice an open heart for opened eyes, and I’ll remain a friend because your mind chose protection over affection.

Your decision was made.

I’ll become one of many guys that loved you temporarily and then found a more permanent love outside of what we could have had, while your heart remains permanently closed, blind to the love that continues to visit you temporarily.

So before I care for you, before this journey begins only to end, I ask that you care enough for yourself first. So that when loves shows it face again, and I’m no longer around to capture the love you whisper away, your heart will be remain open and resonant to what the eyes cannot see.

That Smile


The other type of smile is an inviting one.

What makes this smile so significant is that the person who gave it to you needn’t be in close proximity or on your mind at the time of the smile. You smile because they have become a part of you. If a soul mate is a person who is an addition to what is already good in your life, then this smile is the stamp confirming it. Continue reading That Smile

A Little Bit About Me For You


There’s a question I often receive from people when they read my work. They range from…

“how do you know all of this?” to “have ever been or are you in love?”

There’s never a single answer to any of these questions but I find saying less, has more of an impact.

In my world, there are 3 stages we go through in life: Continue reading A Little Bit About Me For You

What The Relationship Needs


Who is someone else to tell you what you should believe, what you should say or not to mention, how you should act. We live in a city where people  place more emphasis on the lives of others than their own. We are all individuals with individual lives, individual ambitions and individual paths in life.

People needn’t concern themselves about our actions. Well, that is of course, until you have made a commitment of the heart – a relationship. Continue reading What The Relationship Needs