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She’s Not Your Type (video)

I don’t believe anyone deserves to be labelled as ugly, and as much as women tend to be against each other these days, I don’t agree with men referring to them as ugly. A simple, “She’s not my type” allows men to retain a degree of respect for women as oppose to devaluing them due to rejection or otherwise.

Here is my latest YouTube video:

I hope you enjoy 🙂

Beyond the Surface of a Soul


For beauty is tortured in the shadows of insecurities. His presence alone instills fear in the shadows themselves, and the light that shines through blinds even her own eyes…

…she’s been in the dark far too long.

The world is not for nor against the fusion between these twin souls. So in light of her light, he lives to free her soul as he did her heart and mind.

He lives to free her soul…as he did her heart and mind.