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Wounds Present Opportunity

Wounds present opportunity. But we more than often look upon them as an incurable disease. I am (like all of us) a perpetrator of hurt and a victim of hurt. There are areas of my divine being that still hurt today, and my being human predisposes me to being hurt tomorrow. All because wounds present opportunity.

If you take credit for your growth then you must also assume accountability for your weakening. A life lived in absence of pain is a life absent of the need to become stronger.
Contrary to common belief, Continue reading Wounds Present Opportunity

What The Relationship Needs


Who is someone else to tell you what you should believe, what you should say or not to mention, how you should act. We live in a city where people  place more emphasis on the lives of others than their own. We are all individuals with individual lives, individual ambitions and individual paths in life.

People needn’t concern themselves about our actions. Well, that is of course, until you have made a commitment of the heart – a relationship. Continue reading What The Relationship Needs