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The Vows You Made Before You Were Born

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“Till death do us part” – a quote taken from the common book of prayers and readily remembered as part of the vows two people make during a wedding ceremony. It’s meaning? It signifies the spiritual union of two souls up until one of spouses ceases to live on this earth. I guess it makes perfect sense. During the time of your life here on earth, your soul is bound to the living world but when you pass, your soul transcends to the next stage of life. In line with ones wedding ceremony, the promise was kept. This is undoubtedly subject to what you believe, but what do you believe?

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Agree To Understand


Agree to disagree? 
But next time, 
Let’s agree to understand! 

We don’t have to agree with someone to understand them. In fact, whether we agree or not, it doesn’t really matter when you think about it. Understanding is a process. It can happen over a period of minutes, hours, days, weeks or even months!
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Defining Love


When the state of love changes, it’s because the state of your mind changed.

“we don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are” – unknown

People generally speak of love changing as time goes on, and readily associate it with negative outcomes. People are hasty to take responsibility for what they gain but ignorant to take responsibility for what they lose.  Continue reading Defining Love

Expectations Mirrored

It’s to my understanding that we currently live in a world where so long as you have no expectations, you have mentally signed a contract that protects you against disappointments. So in light of this, expectations are lowered, and in turn, or shall I say theoretically, we are less likely to be disappointed. The mistake men and women make during this process is that instead of lowering their expectations, they have high expectations for the opposite sex to disappoint. In contrast to common belief, most people that tend not to have expectations are those that cannot handle the pressures of being expected from. Continue reading Expectations Mirrored